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Community, Developer, Support, Creative (Design, Art, Anime, Role-play) Server!

Are you bored and want a place to chat and hangout, this server ranges from a ton of vast category’s and members with crazy talent and simply amazing that are from all different parts of the world ranging from Developers to Gamers and Designers, this server is for people that just want to have fun, make new friends, meet new people and simply enjoy themselves. Honestly this server just keeps getting better and better and so is our bot, we really appreciate you help!

Our owners are practically always online (Just give them a ping!), with extremely helpful staff that give speedy responses!

A friendly and non-toxic community fully SFW with tons of chats for you and your friends to hangout in, and make wicked new friends!

Server boosting perks for everyone, thanks to our server reaching level 1 server boosting, with tones of custom emotes to enjoy! Looking for some staff (Moderators and Admins!), join and ask if your suitable! Were accepting a wide verity of staff from all different time zones ect.

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You get free ad on our website, special role in the support server, and more coming soon!

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